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Since 1984, Rob Gaddy and Gaddy Construction have been serving Denver's construction, remodeling, and custom home building needs. We offer a high level of quality, specializing in second-story additions, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, complete home renovations, and custom home building. Our goal in every project is to create tasteful, highly livable environments for our clients by using high-quality materials and paying close attention to every detail.  We produce consistent results, conduct our work with integrity, and work closely with our clients so they get exactly what they want out of their home.

Gaddy Construction is a proud supporter of Colorado Public Radio and Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver.

Gaddy Construction was recently featured in American Builders Quarterly, volume 3, #25, pg. 68.


How long have you been working in the Denver area? Rob Gaddy started working in Denver's construction industry in 1984, renovating and remodeling homes. From 1985 to 1988 he operated as a sole proprietorship, ultimately filing the trade name Rob Gaddy Construction on May 1, 1988. Two years later on March 22, 1990, the business was incorporated under the name Robert S. Gaddy, Inc. and today we are simply known as Gaddy Construction. We have thoroughly enjoyed serving Denver's construction, remodeling, and home building needs for over 25 years, and believe that our commitment to the local community and strong ties to the Denver area set us apart from other builders.

What types of construction do you do? We do complete home remodeling, large additions, second-story additions, kitchen renovations, bathroom remodels, basement finishes, crawlspace conversions, and porch renovations. We also have built several custom homes from the ground up.

Why styles of construction do you do?  We have successfully produced a variety of styles, including Contemporary, Craftsman, Classic, Spanish, Tudor, and Victorian. The style is dictated by the architectural design. We are versed in building virtually any interior or exterior design.

Do you do design/build? Yes. Gaddy Construction works with a number of architects. Typically, after the customer selects and meets with the architect, we enter into an agreement to complete the work required. As an alternative, you can provide your own architectural drawings and we are happy to bid your project from a complete set of plans.

How long does a project take to complete? The length of a project is largely determined by its size and complexity. For example, a full second-story addition can take 6 to 8 months to complete. Remodeling of a kitchen takes approximately 2 months. A whole-house renovation can take 7 to 9 months. All of these are estimates. The exact time needed to complete a job varies.

What cities are you licensed in? Gaddy Construction is licensed in Denver, and we have renewable licenses in Aurora, Littleton, Greenwood Village, and Cherry Hills.

Do you use environmentally friendly materials? Yes. Building materials available today are, for the most part, environmentally friendly. Building completely “green” is another, sometimes more expensive option that some customers choose. We are happy to explore specific products you may want to use, and can advise you about the application of those products, and how they compare to traditional building materials.

What do you charge per square foot for remodeling? Excluding kitchens, remodeling ranges from $80 to $100 a square foot. However, the cost of remodeling of an existing space is difficult to quantify without reviewing specific plans or discussing your project in more detail. The cost varies depending on the extent of engineering needed, whether structural walls need to be moved, how much flooring must be replaced, whether the remodel includes a kitchen redesign, etc.

For kitchens, the cost of a remodel can vary dramatically depending on the cost of the cabinets, structural work, the type of countertops used, whether appliances are included, and what types of appliances are chosen. Some kitchen designers recommend allocating a minimum of $400 per square foot to remodel a kitchen.

What do you charge per square foot for an addition?  A traditional first-floor or second-story addition typically begins at $180 per square foot and increases from there depending on engineering and the types of finishes used (e.g., tile, stone, marble, brass, copper).

What is your payment policy?  We require a small down payment, which covers the cost of the building permit and the basic materials needed to start the job. Generally speaking, on a $100,000 project, the down payment might be around $2,000.

Do you accept credit cards? No. We accept personal checks and checks issued by banks for construction loans.

Why Gaddy construction, and not someone else?  We offer a high level of quality at competitive prices. Our relationships with our clients are very important to us. We believe in building strong, professional connections with our customers. In addition, we have more than 25 years of experience in remodeling, additions, and new construction. We have a high degree of attention to detail, and produce the product on time, within budget, and with integrity. We have excellent references, and have worked on a wide variety of projects and different styles of construction.

How difficult is it to get on your schedule? Scheduling is relatively easy depending on the size of your job. We can generally start your job as soon as we finalize a contract with you and secure a building permit. For smaller jobs, the permitting process is relatively short, and can be completed in about a week.  For larger, more complex jobs, including additions, the permitting process takes six to eight weeks.
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